What is Instagram? Most of us will answer our favorite site on which we enjoy hanging on, sharing, pictures, videos, like or comment or just go live and share your special moment. For all those who don’t know much about it and are clueless. We will explain to you the very function and purpose of Instagram.

Instagram is a social networking site which allows us to share pictures and video with those who follow us. It is similar to Facebook, one has to create their account and has a profile and news feed.  Instagram is the fastest growing social networking site in the world. There is seen a huge shift from Facebook to Instagram and a great change in User behavior. The love for this site is increasing day by day among all of us.

How does it work?

When you post a photo or a video or share a story it will appear in the news feed of people who follows you. Similarly, when they post something it comes in our feed if we are following them. Pretty simple, Right? Yes, it is the working of Instagram is quite simple for everyone to use. Some people also believe that it’s a simplified version of Facebook.

Instagram is compatible with Android as well as IOS devices.

One can also log in on computer and laptop but the function available there is limited.

Setting up an Instagram Account.

All of you from the age of 13 are free to set up their account by just registering their email Id and entering your unique username.

So we can all use Instagram in our personalized smartphones. All you have to do is signup from an email Id or Facebook, set password and create an account by choosing a username.

This is not enough there are more steps that enhance your profile and is necessary. They are-

  • Set up your profile picture
  • Put an interesting bio
  • And choose whether you want your account to be public(can be seen by all) or private (feeds shown only to those who you choose to show)
  • The last step is to send some friend request from the people who are suggested or who you known.
  • And you are ready to explore Instagram.

Some of the important features of Instagram and its uses.

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  1. Sharing pictures and videos

One can share pictures and videos with people they want to, as in those who are in their following list or if their account is open to all. Instagram also help us edit pictures and videos by using different filters and edit options. One can also share multiple photos at a time. Users can even interact with the photo by like, comment or share.

  1. Sharing Stories.

A story is an option given to the users to put up pictures or text on their story which is available only for 24 hours to extend the time one can also use the option of highlight which put up that story on your profile below the bio. One can use different filters and innovate their stories by adding stickers which are available that makes your content creation.

  1. Going live

This feature of Instagram allows the user to go live and share their live moment doing live video streaming for their followers. One can also share their live chat in their stories later.

  1. Hashtags

This is the most amazing feature of Instagram that allows users to apply hashtags to their post that makes it look more innovative and also reaches the right kind of audience with a message.

  1. Save or bookmark

This function allows the users to save or bookmark any picture they like and the same picture will be stored in their profile and they can view it anytime they want.

  1. IGTV

IGTV allow users to share a vertical full-screen video which can be up to 60 minutes in length. This has made the users experience more interactive and appealing.

  1. Instagram is famous for the security it provides the users, feature such as two-factor Authentication makes the account safer. It is also very safe in the matter of people trying to DM (direct message) you, they can only do that if you accept their request. This helps to avoid unwanted interaction. Also, we can restrict some people to comment on our photos by blocking them.
  2. Add Account. (multiple accounts)

One can access more than one account at a time simultaneously by adding an account with their credentials.

Some of the self-explanatory features are-

  1. Sharing other’s feeds in your stories.
  2. Location tagging
  3. Public and Private Profile.
  4. Search bar – to search People or a particular Interest.
  5. Follow hashtags- this allows users to follow their favorite hashtags. All pictures under those hashtags will be shown to you.

These were some of the basic and most useful features of Instagram. I hope this article has thrown light on your knowledge of Instagram and I am sure it helps you all to use it better.

So go on and make a fantastic profile and find people, share content and become a smart creator and observant consumer of content.

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