How do people travel around the world if they are not rich?

Are you a travel lover but not a famous travel blogger who gets paid to travel? If not this then you must be a person belonging to a wealthy family who has inherited lots of money. Not even that then you must be thinking that you won’t be able to travel much. Well, that’s not right, you can even travel if you are not rich only if you know the right way to travel. And at the same time be hardworking and dedicated towards the result.

You must have seen people traveling around the world even if they are not rich, so do they have any magic stick? Definitely not. They are just smart travelers, traveling more by their mind than the money.

If you are not one and desire to be like them, this article will let you know all the magic involved in travelers harder even with lesser money in the pocket.

So let’s head forward to become one of them-

Here are 10 tips that will make you travel even if you are not rich enough to do so.

  • Create a Budget so that you stick to it.

Well, traveling requires you to spend money but keeping a note to where to spend and where not will prevent you to make any unnecessary expenses. Making a budget means predicting an amount you will require to travel considering each and every expense you will make at each step. Prepare a budget and stick to it to plan budget travel.

  • Stay dedicated.

Traveling and all the work involved in it is not an easy task, it requires lots of hard work to execute something in real. Though it is hard it is not impossible. Being dedicated to your destination will make you work hard to achieve it.

  • Work hard to collect enough money.

Travelling can be done after working hard to collect money to do so. You can take up an occupation that is seasonal that gives you money and work for a particular time in a year. And the left time in the year uses the earned money to pursue your dreams.

  • Don’t measure your enjoyment with materialistic things.

Don’t go for materials but live in the moment. Try to collect as many memories as you can to make your experience. Don’t spend any money on expensive gadgets or on some luxury packages. Learn to enjoy what you have. Is pes 2018 hack amazing?

  • Plan small trips during weekends.

The one who is working throughout the week can find time to travel during weekends. Plan out small trips at interesting places near you and explore them your way and this will allow you to manage both, your work as well as your passion.

  • Be smart to find a way out.

Travelling can be easy for those who work by their mind to full fill their passion by heart. Hence make smart strategies to travel, it is not necessary for you to have a lavish stay to explore the world around, find a cheaper way for accommodation like traveling with the locals, etc. Find such ways out to pursue your dreams.

  • Find a Job Abroad

This is also a good way to explore if you are not that privileged to do so by your family. Find a job abroad that will give money as well as a new place to explore. Once you are done doing that try another place.

  • Be careful while booking flights.

Bookings flights may also require some smart moves in today’s internet marketing world. The airline booking website tracks our journey to know our behavior and hence remember us as a unique or repeated visitor and then show the price accordingly. Always go Incognito while you are searching for flights. Also, try to find the hidden airports that the airline companies don’t want to show as it will save a large chunk of your money. So yes apply all strategy while booking flights. 

  • Write about your travel to earn.

It is always best to share your travel journey to the world. You can always try your luck as a blogger. Start maintaining your blog and writing about your travel. Once you get dedicated visitors you will start earning through it.

  • Sell the photographs captured.

Take beautiful photographs while you travel and sell them online to earn money.

  • Plan things that can be executed.

Don’t plan a journey that is impossible to execute and you only get disappointment thinking about it. Plan in bits but plan that is possible and can be executed in your own budget.

  • Refer to Guide books.

Such books will give you all the extra tips that you require to travel smartly. It will suggest you some inexpensive ways of traveling that you can add up in your future plans.

This was all that you can to do be a smart traveler who will earn more moments in lesser money. And yes set up the next example that to pursue your passion for traveling, you don’t always need to be rich.

Why Logo is important for your brand ?

You know sometimes some small details play some important role in your business such a role is played by a logo. You must be thinking of how it affects your business. So, come let’s discuss this.

Do you know that a human being gives less attention than a fish? Yes, a human doesn’t look that attentively at a single thing because you know we are too busy these days.

They don’t even look for 2 seconds and reading out a name under 2 seconds is tough and that’s where a logo comes handy. Basically, your logo defines your purpose and your ideology.

Customers these days judge businesses from its looks just think a person will not go to a stall if there’s an even a small shop with a logo on its billboard.

So, you get one chance to convince your customer to cash him out and a logo is a company’s first introduction to consumers. If designed well, it can make public interested and invite them to learn more about the company; if not, you’ve just kicked out a potential customer base and basically tanked your business. Township cheats are so sick.

Another thing is that your logo serves as the foundation of your business. The color, fonts, tones describe the story you want to tell whereas you can’t do much experimentation with name, the logo is best to experiment with.

These elements will later translate onto all of your branding materials – business cards, websites and you just name it – creating a concrete, marketable brand identity.

You know humans are bad with memorizing names or words but what they are good with are is memorizing pictures. Kids are shown pictures to memorize things. So, that’s what logo is for, inserting your brand inside growtopia cheats head’s so they never forget what’s your brand about and if they see it anywhere they come towards it.

Your brand is not alone in the market. There can be 50 more restaurants but yours will be the only one committed to sustainability with a green, earthy logo that delivers a good impact on consumers.

A well-designed company logo can communicate everything from the company’s background to their mission through the right colors and fonts.

We told a lot about making it stylish and colorful which translates to funky but don’t make it too stylish that when people see that they’ll be like “Yuck, What’s this shit “

The ubiquity of logos, and their great power to unlock memories, feelings, and associations, are the product of 150 years of exponential growth in the field of advertising and corporate communications.” –       Michael Evamy

This isn’t to imply that your logo needs to necessarily distinguish what you do or sell — for instance, in case you’re a financial organization, you don’t have to put dollar signs or piggy banks in your logo.

Yet, what your logo needs to do is convey your identity, utilizing obvious cues like hues, textual styles, images, shapes, and mottos. Furthermore, it needs to do it such that’s basic, clear, and versatile crosswise over mediums.

At last,  delivering a fantastic product or service is your top priority where the logo is a support system, helping you gain visibility, trust, and goodwill.

What is Instagram?

What is Instagram? Most of us will answer our favorite site on which we enjoy hanging on, sharing, pictures, videos, like or comment or just go live and share your special moment. For all those who don’t know much about it and are clueless. We will explain to you the very function and purpose of Instagram.

Instagram is a social networking site which allows us to share pictures and video with those who follow us. It is similar to Facebook, one has to create their account and has a profile and news feed.  Instagram is the fastest growing social networking site in the world. There is seen a huge shift from Facebook to Instagram and a great change in User behavior. The love for this site is increasing day by day among all of us.

How does it work?

When you post a photo or a video or share a story it will appear in the news feed of people who follows you. Similarly, when they post something it comes in our feed if we are following them. Pretty simple, Right? Yes, it is the working of Instagram is quite simple for everyone to use. Some people also believe that it’s a simplified version of Facebook.

Instagram is compatible with Android as well as IOS devices.

One can also log in on computer and laptop but the function available there is limited.

Setting up an Instagram Account.

All of you from the age of 13 are free to set up their account by just registering their email Id and entering your unique username.

So we can all use Instagram in our personalized smartphones. All you have to do is signup from an email Id or Facebook, set password and create an account by choosing a username.

This is not enough there are more steps that enhance your profile and is necessary. They are-

  • Set up your profile picture
  • Put an interesting bio
  • And choose whether you want your account to be public(can be seen by all) or private (feeds shown only to those who you choose to show)
  • The last step is to send some friend request from the people who are suggested or who you known.
  • And you are ready to explore Instagram.

Some of the important features of Instagram and its uses.

Instagram hack got some wonderful features. Let’s go on a tour exploring different features of Instagram so that we can understand it better. Critical Ops cheats are amazing and free.

  1. Sharing pictures and videos

One can share pictures and videos with people they want to, as in those who are in their following list or if their account is open to all. Instagram also help us edit pictures and videos by using different filters and edit options. One can also share multiple photos at a time. Users can even interact with the photo by like, comment or share.

  1. Sharing Stories.

A story is an option given to the users to put up pictures or text on their story which is available only for 24 hours to extend the time one can also use the option of highlight which put up that story on your profile below the bio. One can use different filters and innovate their stories by adding stickers which are available that makes your content creation.

  1. Going live

This feature of Instagram allows the user to go live and share their live moment doing live video streaming for their followers. One can also share their live chat in their stories later.

  1. Hashtags

This is the most amazing feature of Instagram that allows users to apply hashtags to their post that makes it look more innovative and also reaches the right kind of audience with a message.

  1. Save or bookmark

This function allows the users to save or bookmark any picture they like and the same picture will be stored in their profile and they can view it anytime they want.

  1. IGTV

IGTV allow users to share a vertical full-screen video which can be up to 60 minutes in length. This has made the users experience more interactive and appealing.

  1. Instagram is famous for the security it provides the users, feature such as two-factor Authentication makes the account safer. It is also very safe in the matter of people trying to DM (direct message) you, they can only do that if you accept their request. This helps to avoid unwanted interaction. Also, we can restrict some people to comment on our photos by blocking them.
  2. Add Account. (multiple accounts)

One can access more than one account at a time simultaneously by adding an account with their credentials.

Some of the self-explanatory features are-

  1. Sharing other’s feeds in your stories.
  2. Location tagging
  3. Public and Private Profile.
  4. Search bar – to search People or a particular Interest.
  5. Follow hashtags- this allows users to follow their favorite hashtags. All pictures under those hashtags will be shown to you.

These were some of the basic and most useful features of Instagram. I hope this article has thrown light on your knowledge of Instagram and I am sure it helps you all to use it better.

So go on and make a fantastic profile and find people, share content and become a smart creator and observant consumer of content.

A different route through the jungle of Peru

The next post is written by Daniel Alfranca Gil, a Spaniard who has been living in Tarapoto for three years, a small city located in the center of the Amazon jungle of Peru. Daniel contacted me personally wishing to write an article about the Peruvian jungle, so I agreed to his request to tell us a little about an interesting tour that you can follow if you intend to meet it from Tarapoto. With nothing more to add, I leave to Daniel:

jungle of Peru

Beyond the Andean summits and the Incas, there is another less well-known Peru, but one that vindicates itself with forcefulness just by looking at the map. More than 50% of the total area of the country is composed of tropical moist forests, which is popularly known as the jungle.

It is not, also, a small forest, much less insignificant. The Amazon is the green lung of the earth and here is a large part of the animal and plant biodiversity of the whole world. Only in the area where I live (Tarapoto) can you find 10% of all the birds on the planet, and many of them are endemic and only inhabit here.


It is true that there are certain areas of the Peruvian jungle more or less known and even, in some cases, overexploited. That is the situation of Iquitos, in the easternmost part of Peru, or Puerto Maldonado, which is closer to Cuzco; but usually, the majority of the Peruvian Amazonian territory remains hidden before the predatory eye of mass tourism.

Of course, that’s great news for the backpacker who runs away from the crowds and who is curious about unexplored places. The jungle of Peru has hundreds of sites so they also have the fortunate quality of being good, beautiful and, if you follow the advice of this guide, also cheap. In what comes next, you can discover some of those places and find some ideas to do it without squeezing too much your pocket.

1- Starting point: Tarapoto

If you are not Peruvian, the most likely thing is that the city of Tarapoto is not very familiar to you. It is not well known outside the country, but you should know that every day you receive a minimum of six direct flights from Lima. Of all the airlines that land at their airport, the cheapest are Viva Air and StarPerú.

It is advisable to start the adventure from Tarapoto because this city has a much more centered position on the map than Iquitos and is halfway between the mountainous high jungle and the plains of the Amazon lowland jungle. From Tarapoto, you will find hacking Instagram much easier to move to any of those points and it is also one of the safest and quietest populations in all of Peru.

Of course, expectations will determine the amount of day you want to stay here. In reality, it is not a very beautiful city and the most interesting is in the lush jungle that surrounds it. However, it is important to know that Tarapoto is a very popular destination due to the consumption of the sacred ayahuasca plant, and many people from all over the world come here to perform the shamanic ceremonies.

If you are curious about this ritual and healing root, it is a good opportunity to try it although then it is preferable that you stay three days in the city: one day for preparation, another for the ceremony and another for rest as the effects are quite intense. A recommended center for the shot is Tangaranas and the price per session is around S / .200 soles (about $ 61 at the current rate).

To stay you can find many very cheap hostels below S / .50 soles ($ 14) per single room, but I can recommend two that are specifically aimed at the backpacking public: Colibri and Mishki Shunku.

By the time you make the decision to leave Tarapoto, I suggest you go north. Following the course of the Huallaga River, you will be able to enjoy the landscape changes and the temperature of the high jungle to the low jungle, to then ultimately reach the largest river in the world: the Amazon.

2- Way to Yurimaguas

The final destination of your next stop should be Yurimaguas, which is about two hours by car from Tarapoto. From this city, located in the district of Loreto and belonging to the Amazonian lowland forest, you can board a boat that will take you to the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve, where some of the most beautiful photographs of the Amazon rainforest have been taken.

However, it is recommended that to get to Yurimaguas take public transport, as the distance is not very long and is the cheapest means. The best-known company that performs this type of service in the region is Turismo Selva, and today the price per person on the Tarapoto-Yurimaguas route is S / .10 soles (less than $ 4).

It is also important that you consider the schedule. Yurimaguas is undoubtedly a place of passage, and it is sure that you will be able to spend a good night there although during the day there is not much to see. The boat you should take in the direction of Pacaya Samiria leaves at 7 am, so it is best to spend the night in Yurimaguas. As in the case of Tarapoto, you can find many hostels at reasonable prices.

3- Start of the Fluvial route towards the town of Lagunas.

On your pilgrimage to Pacaya Samiria, you must first pass through the town of Lagunas, which is the western gateway to the reserve. A local company that makes this route is Botes Rapidos Bravo. As its name suggests, this company has a fleet of speedboats that will take you from Yurimaguas to Lagunas in less time than a normal boat. In the 6 hours that the journey lasts, you will have time to take refuge in your thoughts and contemplate the beautiful landscape of the route. All this will cost you around S / .40 soles (about $ 12 more or less).

Once you get to Lagunas, I recommend you go directly to find accommodation. As in the rest of the region, you will be able to find very competitive prices for lodging, although without great luxuries in the facilities. For you to have any reference, I can recommend the Renaco Inn, which is where I was. There the night will cost you S / .40 soles and a few mosquito bites if you do not have a protector.

As for Lagunas itself, it is a pretty picturesque town and a passing area on the route that goes from Iquitos to Yurimaguas. Its inhabitants live basically from the benefits of that intermediate position between the two populations, agriculture and a little tourism. If you like to take pictures, Lagunas is a good place for social photography. However, do not go to sleep too late because the next day starts early (around 8 am) the trip to the destination of the trip star: The Pacaya Samiria reserve.

4- The Pacaya Samiria National Reserve

Peru Pacaya

Peru Pacaya

As Pacaya Samiria is a protected area, a special permit is required to enter it. You will only be able to enter with operators that have it. So far, in Lagunas, there are two agencies that have that permission, but it is best to ask directly at the hotel. They will gladly inform you because they will most likely take a commission to send you to the operator they work with.

At a general level, for you to take it into account and do not charge tourist tax, the price per day of excursion to the reserve is around S / .170 soles (about $ 50). If it seems high, keep in mind that this cost includes transportation, the reservation guide, and three meals. I mean, basically, you have the day covered.

To know a little more about the reservation, I will tell you some interesting information:

  • The name Pacaya Samiria comes from the two rivers that run through the area, the Pacaya and the Samiria
  • Motor navigation through these rivers is prohibited so as not to disturb the animals and the environment. That is why the journey is made with rowing boats.
  • Some of the most outstanding animals are the pink dolphins, the choro monkey, and the spider monkey, the lazy bear, the ronsoco (the largest rodent in the world), several types of turtle and if you are lucky you will see anacondas and boas.
  • If you want to delve further into the reserve, I recommend that you prepare to stay to sleep in one of the different positions that exist.

In general, the minimum to visit it and not stay wanting more is 2 or 3 days. If you stay to sleep inside the reserve, you can go deeper into the jungle and visit the most unexplored areas. In fact, it is the most recommended.

Keep in mind that from there you can not continue your route to the Amazon. You will have to return to Lagunas before heading to Nautas and Iquitos, the last stop of the trip.

5- Arriving at the Amazon from Nauta and Iquitos

The river that you have been traveling all the way to Lagunas is the Huallaga. If it has seemed very extensive, you should know that the flow of this river goes to an even larger one: the Marañón, which does flow directly into the Amazon.

Your destination, Nauta, is a town on the banks of the Marañón River and is much more prepared for mass tourism because it is less than 100 kilometers from Iquitos. It also has a road that connects directly with Iquitos and therefore the boat transports that transit the Marañón River stop here, since it is easier to make the last stretch by car. Nauta is also one of the entry points to the Pacaya Samiria reserve, but as everything is more exploited, entering this side will be more expensive.

When you arrive, you can spend the night here or in Iquitos, but in both cases try to have the previously booked accommodation since you will arrive just when the sun is setting.

When you finally arrive in Iquitos, you can continue the journey following the course of the Amazon, or take a flight back to Lima or back to Tarapoto.

For my part, here I finish this writing. I hope you have enjoyed the trip and do not hesitate to ask your questions with a comment, which will gladly help you answer them.